#SignUp For The #CoverReveal For Hour Measure By Mark Roemmich

Mark Roemmich is seeking some help with the cover reveal on his soon-to-be released book titled, Hour Measure.

Would any of you like to help him out?

Thanks so much in advance!

You can sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Q9PBqL-ULunrWAWbqFj0z1jcGZLiwElGLXSJt-TbVpg/viewform?usp=send_form

More info about the #book:


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23508987-hour-measure

Book Release Date: December 17, 2014

Genre: Literary Fiction

Book Description:

SHINDIG ON THE GREEN is famous for its seasonal festivals and musical venues. Live music and arts are a significant element in this tourism-based economy and surrounding areas. A large crowd of tourists and locals are milling about along the river, experiencing the arts and crafts and food displays, as well as the many single artists and Bluegrass bands featured in the farmer’s market atmosphere.

Jacob Labrecque has been coming to the Shindig on the Green since he was a young lad. He is walking with his family, which is made up of a daughter named Amy Harris and her husband, Ray. He was also blessed with a granddaughter named Emily, who is about eight years of age. She is quite small for her age, and she is always sporting a very old-fashioned hat that covers most of her head. It has small flowers on one side, and she will not leave the house without it.

Emily is full of life and leaves her mark everywhere she goes. There is not a person in Asheville that hasn’t been touched by Emily Harris in some way. A special aura surrounds her tiny body that radiates outward. She has been diagnosed with a peculiar strain of Leukemia. People like to label her as a Leukemia victim, but she enjoys every present moment of life and doesn’t like to be called a victim.

Emily lives the Dalai Lama’s philosophy at the young age of eight. Most people search their whole lives for the wisdom she possesses. Emily struggles with Leukemia, but she transcends her pain by living each day as it comes. When the pain is too great, she goes to her safe place within her hour glass world. She shares this hour glass world with a chosen few, but she always shares her wisdom and love of life.

Perhaps when you read her story or see her vision, you too will be affected by Emily Harris. Her story is filled with true emotion reflected in her poems. She will meet a young man that will translate these words–these lyrics–into a song that will become her legacy.

Please Note: Materials will be sent several days prior to the reveal blitz.

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