Established on the 18th of October, 2013.

Aimed toward those who write and read erotica, we want to bring you titillating stories that will entice your libido, and boost your romantic prowess. From contemporary erotic works to boundary-stretching BDSM, we hope to feed your need for erotic literature.

What We’ll Accept:

Erotica (Mainstream, Traditional, BDSM-themed, and LBGT. Some Fetish Erotica maybe accepted, depending on material offered.)

Erotica-Themed Poetry (Accepted in the form of collections/for anthologies.)

Historical/Regency-Themed Erotica

Interracial Erotica

Mènage Erotica (3 or more people)

Paranormal Erotica (Vampires, Gods, Were’s (All Types), Ghosts, etc. Succubus/Incubus stories are acceptable, as long as they’re written within reasonable limits. See below.)

Steampunk Erotica

True-Life Memoir Erotica

What We Won’t Accept:

Works depicting heavy abuse, abusive pornography, rape (These are stories that focus exclusively on rape/excessive rape abuse. If there is a rape in a romance/erotica that is necessary to move the story along, but is not the focus of the story, then the book/story is acceptable. Heavy rape stories are not acceptable, however.), incest, under-age Erotica, and bestiality.

We do not condone these types of Erotica.

We want to offer our readers stories they can relate to where the characters engage in consensual sex. These stories are meant to stimulate the senses, arousing the reader’s inner desires. The stories offered are meant to be enjoyed by both men and women, and are aimed at ages 18 and over.

Accepted Story Lengths

Short Stories (5k – 10k word lengths)

Novelettes (10 – 17.5k word lengths)

Novellas (17.5 – 40k word lengths)

Novels (40 – 100k+ word lengths)

These stories are not intended for those under the age of 18.

Risque Pleasures is not open for submissions at this time.

To submit your story/book for consideration, please email: submissions@ldbpress.com, with the subject line: Risque Pleasures Manuscript Submission – (Title Of Your Work). Be sure to check out our submission guidelines further information and manuscript formatting guidelines.