Established on the 21rst of January, 2015.

Everything Nonfiction/Self-Help can be found here.

What We’ll Accept:

Autobiography/Biography (Narratives of a person’s life. These are true stories.)



General Nonfiction (Can include stories about animals as well.)

Humorous Nonfiction

Narrative Nonfiction (A presentation of factual information in story form.)


Self-Help Books


What We Won’t Accept:

Works depicting excessive violence, heavy abuse, abusive pornography, and rape. (These are stories that focus exclusively on rape/excessive rape abuse. If there is a rape that is necessary to move the story along, but is not the focus of the story, then the book/story is acceptable. Heavy rape/violence stories are not acceptable, however.)

We do not condone these types of stories.

Accepted Story Lengths

Short Stories (5k – 10k word lengths)

Novelettes (10 – 17.5k word lengths)

Novellas (17.5 – 40k word lengths)

Novels (40 – 100k+ word lengths)

Peaceful Musings Publishing is not open for submissions at this time.

To submit your story/book for consideration, please email:, with the subject line: Peaceful Musings Publishing Manuscript Submission – (Title Of Your Work). Be sure to check out our submission guidelines for further information and manuscript formatting guidelines.