Established on the 28th of October, 2014.

A little bit of everything for everyone, from thought-provoking Literary Fiction, suspenseful Military/Nautical Fiction, and more.

What We’ll Accept:
(Stories can include Crime, Horror, Romance, Suspense, and Thriller aspects.)

General Fiction (Stories that cannot be classified to one certain genre.)

Literary Fiction

Military Fiction

Nautical Fiction

Poetry (100 words minimum length per poetry piece. We do ask that poetry submissions be a collection of poetry. 40-50 written pieces minimum.)

What We Won’t Accept:

Works depicting excessive violence, heavy abuse, abusive pornography, and rape. (These are stories that focus exclusively on rape/excessive rape abuse. If there is a rape that is necessary to move the story along, but is not the focus of the story, then the book/story is acceptable. Heavy rape/violence stories are not acceptable, however.)

We do not condone these types of stories.

Accepted Story Lengths

Short Stories (5k – 10k word lengths)

Novelettes (10 – 17.5k word lengths)

Novellas (17.5 – 40k word lengths)

Novels (40 – 100k+ word lengths)

Poetry (100 words minimum per poetry piece. We ask that poetry submissions be a collection of poetry. 30k words minimum per document submitted.)

Lysestrah Press is not open for submissions at this time.

To submit your story/book for consideration, please email:, with the subject line: Lysestrah Press Manuscript Submission – (Title Of Your Work). Be sure to check out our submission guidelines for further information and manuscript formatting guidelines.