#CoverReveal: The Treasure Of The Sarah M. By Robert J. Watson



TTOTSMCRTourButtonGood morning, lovelies.

I’ve a little goodie for you all today.

Robert J. Watson’s newest re-release is due to hit the shelves next month.

Today, I’d like to share the book’s new cover with you all.


Title: The Treasure Of The Sarah M.

Author: Robert J. Watson

Release Date: March 9, 2016

Publisher: Lysestrah Press

Genre: Nautical Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Suspense

Book Description:

The secrets of the past never stay buried.

It’s no secret that the Sarah M. was a coveted ship back in its day. Smooth and sleek, she’s traveled the oceans of the world for as long as anyone can remember. Sunk in British waters during peace time, her legacy now sits at the bottom of the Irish Sea. Now, she’s just a long forgotten memory. Or is she?

It’s been said that deep within her bowels sits a fortune in gold. One, two countries are locked in a deadly race against time in the hopes of finding it. The Sarah M.’s prize ensures that whoever finds it has enough power to change the world. The fight to find her final resting place has begun, and many lives will be lost along the way.

Only one man can make a difference. Robert Birket knew from the very start where the secrets of the Sarah M. lay. Many assumed he went down with the ship he’d loved since he was a little boy. Yet is it possible that he could still be alive? Would he be willing to change the world as he knew it? Can he give up the secrets surrounding the treasure of the Sarah M. if came to that?


(Purchase links are not yet available.)

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26183871-the-treasure-of-the-sarah-m







Following the Wall Street crash of America in 1929, billions of dollars were wiped off of the stock markets. This was not exclusive to the United States. The world had been hit hard by the market crash. Americans needed to bring money back into the country. Their failing economy needed a boost. Billions of dollars worth of debt had to be called in quickly from many countries worldwide.

Many other countries had their own financial problems to deal with. The stock market crash hadn’t just affected the United States. Paying out billions of dollars in debt repayments would cripple some economies. Germany fell into such a category.

Germany was on the verge of bankruptcy. Its population began to revolt against the austerity measures being imposed on them by their own government. Strikes became an everyday event. Families began to starve, and women and children were dying. The German government had no alternative but to continue with their measures of austerity. Pleading for time to pay what they owed the Americans had very little effect.

America had her own problems. A country such as the United States was very powerful in the world of commerce. Certain high-ranking and powerful men in Germany felt that the time was right for a new dawn in German politics.

Talk of an armed coup to overthrow the present government soon made the rounds. This was seen as an unacceptable course of action. One man had a vision for the future of his beloved motherland. Revolution was not a part of his vision. If he was to see the country recover from the state it was in now, it would have to be done through democratic means.

To win an election would take money. Money his party did not have. Many supported his ideas, though many of the supporters of the new order lost millions of marks in the stock market crash. The millions they’d promised in funds was now just a pipe dream.

A senior supporter of the party and a high-ranking official in the foreign office found a solution to the financial problem. It would mean using the German Navy for private means and a lot of subterfuge. He met secretly with several party officials, and the plan was approved.

In 1930, a lone German gunship was sent out to find the sailing ship, the Sarah M. She had over two million dollars worth of gold bullions in her bilges on board. The cargo had been bound for the German government approximately seventy years prior.

The gunship sank the Sarah M. off of the Manx coast in the Irish Sea. The report of the sinking had been locked away in the darkest government office safe available. A diplomatic war of words about such an event could soon turn into a shooting war. Neither of these two options was acceptable. A shooting war was not affordable. The last war had taken almost all of Germany’s reserves.

A British American had been on board the Sarah M. at the time. Both of these governments would take a dim view of a German raider sinking and killing some of their nationals. If the gold could be salvaged, then the dream of one man for a united and strong Germany would be realized, but first they had to find it.


86d08-robertjwatsonAbout The Author:

Robert Watson is fifty-nine years old and lives in Lancaster North, West England. He’s been married for thirty-three years now, and is a proud grandfather of six.

He spent several years in the merchant Navy, and has also worked as a psychiatric nurse. Fifteen years later, he eventually left to become his son’s carer.

He began writing ten years ago, but following a mishap with a computer and the delete button, Robert lost his first serious attempt at writing. His first novel, Seasoned With Salt, was published by Publish America.

Since then, he’d like to think that he’s become a more polished writer, and has had a total of four novels published by PA. He’s had several other works published, including The Secret of the Sarah M. and The Treasure of the Sarah M. His work has since taken a positive step forward.


Social Media Links:

Email: robertwatson_1958_13@hotmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Author.RobertJWatson

Twitter: https://twitter.com/reddevil1955

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/923157.Robert_J_Watson

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