#CoverReveal: The Instruments Of Life By Keith Kelly

Good morning, lovelies.

It’s super nippy this morning here in Connecticut. Persevering, though, as all must do.

We’ve a little goodie we’d like to share with all of you today. The second book in Keith Kelly’s The Symphony Of Life series is due to hit shelves on the 26th of May. We’d like to share its cover with you.

Without further ado, here it is.

TITLE: The Instruments Of Life

SERIES: The Symphony Of Life; Book 2

AUTHOR: Keith Kelly

RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2021

PUBLISHER: Lysestrah Press

GENRE: Literary Fiction, Contemporary


Life, love, and relationships are never what we make of them.

From the moment Kaley Anderson sold the store her parents had bequeathed her, she knew her life would never be the same. She’s learned to love and accept the things she cannot change, becoming a better person with every step she takes.

Kaley’s world is soon turned topsy-turvy when she learns of her lover’s secrets. Secrets that soon lead to a path of destruction and heartache.

Unsure if she’ll be able to withstand what’s headed her way, she makes a decision that sets her on a path she never intended to take. One that ultimately allows her to play the instruments of her own life.

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Another busy day, I have a series of stories appearing in a magazine. My deadlines for the drafts are due this afternoon. I have so much to shuffle to keep my career and this house functioning. Nevertheless, I make do.

Not too long ago, I’d signed publishing contracts for five of my stories. The first one scheduled to be published is titled, Her Laugh Broke The Silence.

The story allows the reader to explore the mind of what a therapist thinks about during a therapy session. I’d gotten the idea while sitting in my own therapy sessions.

Within a month of submission, the magazine responded with an acceptance letter and asked if I would submit more of my stories to them. I sent in four others I’d previously written. I’m in the process of finishing the edits for Her Laugh Broke The Silence today.

Monica helps me with my writing. She thinks a break is coming my way.

My college classes and tutoring the women at the prison also help me when it comes to my own writing. Monica has turned that position over to me since she’s begun to teach more classes at the university.

She’s busy, I’m busy, and we keep Carrie busy. In true retrospect, we’ve a busy household.

To my dismay, Carrie, Monica’s daughter, has come down with the flu. I check on her throughout the day to make sure she’s taken care of. In between, I work on my deadlines.

“Kaley!” Carrie hollers from upstairs. “Can you bring me an orange juice?”

It’s been long day already. She’s suffering from a fever of a hundred and two. I can’t leave her in the bedroom to fend for herself.

I save what I’m working on and stand, making my way to the kitchen. Rummaging through the refrigerator, I grab the carton of orange juice and shut the door, moving toward the counter. I grab a cup and fill it with juice before stowing the carton in the fridge. I then head back upstairs in the direction of Carrie’s room.

“Here you are, Carrie. How do you feel?” I ask, handing her the cup.

She accepts the offering and takes a small sip. “Better. Are you writing?”

“Yes, I have an upcoming deadline.”

“Sorry to disturb you. Thanks for the juice.”

I nod at her and smile, ruffling her hair before making my way back downstairs. I sit in front of the computer and reopen the document. I’m working on the last of the submission when the phone rings.


“Hey, Kaley Baby. How’s it going?” Monica asks.

“Hello, hon. I’m writing.”

“I wanted to tell you I’ll be late this evening. Gerard is coming over to cut the grass.”

“OK, Monica. I’ll be watching for him,” I say before setting the receiver back onto its cradle.

I wish she’d hire another gardener. Gerard is gorgeous. He and Monica flirt every time he comes over, which makes me jealous.

She admits to flirting with him whenever possible. I’ve even asked her if he comes on to her, would she sleep with him? Monica says no, but I doubt it.

I tend to worry about things that usually never happen. Often, I create scenarios when it feels like I’m losing control. I tell myself over and over that she loves me and wants me in her life.

Distracted, time flies by. I haven’t gotten most of my work done. To top it all off, I have to listen to Gerard run the lawnmower all afternoon. The mower is the noisiest fucking thing I’ve ever heard.


Keith Kelly currently lives in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor.

He’s been writing poems, short stories, and playing the guitar since he was fifteen years old. He’s had the opportunity of living in many different areas of the United States and has been fortunate enough to travel, meeting many different individuals that have contributed to his life, experience, and writing.

Keith’s work has been published in several issues of Common Sense 2, A Journal of Progressive Thought, as well as several issues of C C & D Magazine, and in two C C & D books of poetry and prose. He has an ebook published with Ampersand Academic Press, and a self-published book of poetry. He also had stories featured in a collected works edition published with Fountain Blue Publishing of California.



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