Cover Reveal: Paranormal North Carolina By Joanna Nunez

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I’ve an awesome book to share with all of you by one of our authors. Do you love all things paranormal? Does the supernatural interest you?

Joanna Nunez’s upcoming book, Paranormal North Carolina, gives its reader a deeper glimpse into the paranormal aspects that take place in certain places within North Carolina. From the Dorothy Dix Hospital to Fort Fisher, you’re sure to find more information about ghostly happenings throughout the state itself.

Without further ado, I’d like to share with you the book’s lovely cover. Enjoy!

TITLE: Paranoral North Carolina

AUTHOR: Joanna Nunez

RELEASE DATE: August 29, 2023

PUBLISHER: Peaceful Musings Publishing

GENRE: Paranormal, Supernatural, Hauntings


Who is in the room with you?

North Carolina has a rich history of wars, conflicts, settlers, Native Americans, and unrest. This is the start of a great recipe for hauntings. Paranormal North Carolina takes you inside haunted locations around the state. Read about well-known ghosts, such as the Pink Lady of the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville to the relative unheard-of specter that haunts Purgatory Mountain in Asheboro.

Paranormal North Carolina not only provides you with the history of haunted locations, but first-hand experiences from the staff, visitors, and paranormal investigators that have walked their scary halls. Have you stayed in a haunted hotel? You might have without even knowing. Learn what to look for in locations with a haunted past, your local graveyard, or even your own house.

What do people see aboard the USS North Carolina? Who haunts the Biltmore Estate? Does Blackbeard’s ghost haunt his home in Beaufort, NC? Find the answers and more inside this spine-tingling eerie read.


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I SET OUT ORIGINALLY to write a researched collection of North Carolina’s ghost stories, haunted places, and legends. Several of those books have already been published, so to make my book unique, I have added (in italics) experiences from paranormal investigators who have investigated or been to some of these places. These experiences are just that—experiences and opinions of the people who felt them, hence why they are separated from the histories and lore written about each place.

Paranormal investigation has become a huge phenomenon thanks to many television shows and YouTube channels that feature investigations. Being a co-founder and member of one of the longest established paranormal groups in North Carolina, I have included some tips and insights into the study of this phenomenon.


THERE’S A LOT OF fun to be had in paranormal investigations, ghost hunting, or simply visiting a supposedly haunted site and seeing what might appear. Nevertheless, it can be dangerous.

Actual ghosts hurting you is far less likely than physical danger and law-breaking. Make sure you don’t trespass, carry identification on you, take at least one other person with you, and take a working cellphone. Falling and tripping in the dark, getting attacked by fire ants, and having the police join you in a cemetery for your investigation (AFTER they’ve verified you’re legitimate), are all things that have happened to my paranormal group. We make it a practice to call and let the police know where we will be if it’s in a public area of the city. This way, they aren’t too suspicious when they see three or four people in the Civil War graveyard at midnight.

While there is no universal acceptance among ghost hunters of the following methodologies, a number of these are commonly utilized by ghost-hunting groups. Your tool kit can be as expensive or inexpensive as you need it to be.


Joanna Nunez received her Master of Social Work from East Carolina University in 2007 and became a licensed clinical social worker shortly thereafter. She is the Program Coordinator of Victims’ Services and Military Liaison for a Fayetteville, NC nonprofit that assists military affiliated people with their recovery from domestic violence and sexual assault. She is also a proud Care Services social worker for ALS NC, assisting people with ALS and their families. She lives for walk fundraising season and is always trying to think of the next creative idea to raise money and awareness for ALS.

She began paranormal investigation (AKA ghost hunting) during graduate school, as it was an inexpensive hobby and a way to pass the time. She was deathly afraid of actually seeing or hearing something unexplainable when she first started. Now, she and her husband own way more investigation equipment than sense. She is the first to book investigations and research possible haunted locations.

In her precious spare time, she enjoys traveling, baking, cooking, social media marketing, walking, and of course, paranormal investigations. Joanna is owned by several cats and couldn’t ask for anything else, except more cats.








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