The Goddess’s Wishes Is Now Available!

TGW BC Lissette E. Manning’s newest book, The Goddess’s Wishes, is now available.

You can find it online via the following retailers:

Barnes & Noble:

This is the first novelette in The Child of Calamity series.

Each book in the series is approximately 15-17k in length.

Book 2, Protected Secrets, is in the works for release. The date will be announced accordingly.

There is also a prequel series in the works. The first book, Well-Kept Secrets, has been completely. The release for this will also be announced soon enough.



Book Description:

Her wish is their command.

Artemis has a plan. Her eye has fallen on the throne of Olympus, and she’ll do anything to get it. She knows Zeus won’t give it up so easily, but she’s determined to dethrone him, none-the-less. Her father is known for his infamous romps amongst the mortals. Surely, there must be something she can use against him?

When her attention is drawn to Callidora Spiros, she soon realizes that her father does indeed have secrets. Brazen and beautiful, the girl piques her interest in more ways than one, though Artemis isn’t quite sure as to how she’s truly tied to the gods. Intent on discovering what her father has kept hidden for so long, she’ll need as much help as she can get.

Demanding and willful, Artemis has been known to achieve her every whim. With the bat of an eyelash, or a simple word, she’s wrapped many a man around her little finger. The gods, on the other hand, aren’t so easy to bring around. Never-the-less, she’s going to do everything possible to gain the upper hand. Mount Olympus will be hers, with or without the help of the other gods and goddesses.

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