Good Things Are Coming!



Afternoon, lovelies.

We’ve been a tad busy these days in preparing for what’s to come. We apologize for the lack of updates until now.

We’ve recently begun to open up various imprints for submissions, and have several new authors joining the team.

We’ll be posting up more information about our imprints, submission guidelines, and authors as we go along within the next few weeks. We’re honestly excited about what we have coming, and hope you all are too.

Below, you’ll find our current Imprint List.

Main Branch: L. D. B. Press

Children’s Fiction: Tiny Tidbits Press
Christian Fiction: Return Of Faith Publishing
Erotica: Risque Pleasures
Dystopian/Speculative Fiction/Urban: Amaneth Publishing (Coming Soon on October 31, 2014)
Fantasy: Solarisse Enchanted Publishing
General/Literary Fiction/Nautical Fiction/Poetry: Lysestrah Press
Horror/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller: Alegos Press (Coming Soon on October 31, 2014)
Non-Fiction: Peaceful Musings Publishing (Coming Soon on October 31, 2014)
Paranormal: Enidia Press Publishing
Romance: Raghwied Press
Science-Fiction: Halloz Press
Young Adult: Almond Hearts Press (Coming Soon on October 31, 2014)

Spanish Branches:
Ficción Cristiana: Retorno De Fe Publicaciones